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We specialize in Soil Conservation & Sustainable Farming Methods.

We are passionate to Create Sustainability by using water resources wisely and creating Healthier Soils, -Plants and -Animals.
– Theo Geldenhuys


"Whatever BFS promise they will deliver, unless unforeseen conditions appear, but then they renegotiate to get to a reasonable solution which will suit all Parties"


"Our customers' needs to come first and we make every effort to ensure that they have confidence in the products and services they get."


"Change for the better” is always our philosophy to continuously improve our products, processes, facilities and services.

Environmental Remediation

A Range of products that sets a new benchmark in the field of environmental bio-remediation and odor control, containing, 100% natural, environmentally friendly Bacteria-Enzymatic blend, used in all industries.

  • It is a catalystA substance that, without itself undergoing any permanent chemical change, increases the rate of a reaction for organic decompositionThe process of separating into elements or simpler constituents, and an agent for the rehabilitation of soils and remediation of toxic waste and it converts oils and greases into viable nutrients for the environment.


New Solar Energy

“I am extremely confident that solar will be a plurality of power and most likely a majority in less than 20 years.” Elon Musk

We help our clients to:

  1.   Evaluate energy options;
  2.   Become more energy efficient;
  3.   Reduce operating costs; and
  4.   Become more self sufficient.

RepowerSA is a renewable energy solutions company delivering commercial and residential benefits and savings in both South Africa and across the continent.

We use only the best available products, distributors and qualified professionals, with the highest level of service and proven track records. This allows us to provide our customers with turn-key solutions and peace of mind from start to finish.

We design and construct the best solution to realise the fastest return on your investment. Numerous service providers currently compete in the renewable energy space, yet only a few have the capability and resources to deliver safe solutions with aftersales support that will cover the payback period and beyond.

RepowerSA currently has offices in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and Port Elizabeth.

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