The uses of Microbial products give rise to healthier soils and enhanced plant growth. Research has shown that when microbes are used as a foundation on all crops, there is an improved plant utilisation of agricultural chemicals and fertilisers, thereby cutting input costs and reducing soil contamination. Soils tend to have over time fewer diseases, less compaction, better water retention, and increased drainage.
With permanent orchards we find that softer weeds and natural nitrogen-fixing cover crops automatic establish themselves. This means less herbicide and fertilizer and after a few seasons the soils humic status tend to rise with more natural macro- and micro predators.
With perennial cover crops like for livestock or commercial purposes, we see overtime higher nutrient value and healthier and vigour growth. The infestation of other plants became less and thus means the intervals to re-establish changes. Even with annual crops, like in dry land microbes will survive and over time we saw that the soil tend to work far easier, in turn reducing the amount of wear and tear on equipment, kilowatts and in diesel required per hectare.
ECO Bio-Farm Solutions make sure that we source some of the best Suppliers of microbes in order to give the Producer piece of mind. One of our Suppliers for instance are not only unquestionably the Leader in microbial product quality, but the name Microbial Solutions is synonymous with cutting-edge technology, fair pricing, integrity and excellent customer service. For the last 21 years they have worked tirelessly to establish themselves as the Leaders in their industry sector.

They are also registered with the South African Bioproducts Organisation (SABO) and find themselves in different countries. Most of the products can withstand very harsh conditions, temperatures like 80+ degrees Celsius, germination percentage 98% – 100%, shelve life over 24 months, UV-protected, pressure and chemical resistant (they coat and bag fertilizer with microbes that can last for 20+ months).

Microbial strengths can go up as high as 2 x 10¹°(2 000 000 000/ml)
By way of bio-fertilisation, growth hormone production, and disease reduction our microbial products are classified as bio-stimulants & bio-pesticides – in other words Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR). Our products can be used on both irrigated and dry land crops, and are formulated for ease of use to fit all farming practices and known methods of application and irrigation.

We can also supply microbes to combat root diseases, soil nematodes, soft- & hard body insects as well as Lepidoptera (worms). Our products are eco-friendly, do not have any residues and won’t attack any natural predators or gram positive microbes. We do pack house sterilization on fruits and vegetable for export purposes and to enhance shelve life.
We also specialised in releasing registered natural predators into tunnels, orchards and open fields to combat the soil and plant pests.
Micro-biological and macro-biological are unquestionably the future for sustainable farming. In fact no life would have exists without any of these small creatures. One teaspoon of soil has more microbes than the world’s human population!

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