This is your last line of defence and can build or break your profit!

We do hard-, soft- surface sterilization against most bacteria, fungal and air born viruses.

  • Hard surface from pruning scissors, sling bags, crates, walls, floors, packhouse, coldrooms, conveyer and sorting tables, as well as abattoirs, dairy systems, etc.
  • Soft surface like meat, vegetables, fruits and flowers during packaging, via bath dip or atomizers.
  • Water purification, soil-, root- and plant sterilization.


We use different methods, depend on the unique condition, Producer needs, or export demand:

  • Spore count often determines how much decay will occur due to infection in punctures and stem ends of healthy material in packinghouses. Much storage loss is due to bacterial, virus, or mostly fungul, and diseases caused by Penicillium expansum (blue mold), Botrytis cinerea (gray mold), and Mucor piriformis.
  • To delays also maturing in flowers, fruit and vegetables. For example flowers, fruit or vegetables coming into the packing-house from CA storage, from regular storage or directly from the field contains some decayed material as well as dirt and debris in bins and boxes.
  • To prevent the build-up of decay producing organisms in the water and the so called “bio-film” in the dump tank, washer, atomizer, hydro cooler, milk- or irrigation systems.
  • Air and product hygienic protection in stables, warehouses, cold chain storage & transportation and dryers against microorganisms and odours.


Depending on the situation inside a facility or outside in nature, we address the problem via:

  • gram positive bacteria & -fungi,
  • or with a liquid or granule chlorine dioxide gas, to quickly eliminate any unwanted infections or contaminations, but with poor penetrating ability and no residual activity.
  • Degrease detergents, mainly to break down fats which are all bio-degradable, well selected from natural sources and SABS approved.
  • Citrus oil-based products use as a wetter- and sticker agent.


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