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Moisture management is the single biggest capital outlay that determines profitability in a production unit! Water is indeed the vehicle to transport moisture and nutrients to the plant! If the system does not work 100 % correctly, or the operator does not understand 100 %, then the probe will not reflect the correct moisture readings and that means the utilization of our resources will not be maximised!

A survey was conducted and it was found that a very large percentage of irrigation systems do not reach their optimum performance. The system was designed and installed with good intentions, but overtime, it is essential to audit the system once again to ensure that it:

  • Still meets the demand as designed for.
  • Pressure remains balanced throughout all points in the system.
  • System still meet new requirements and changes in the field, such as filters, pressure valves, pressure- & moisture meters, drippers, micro-jets, probes, etc.

There is an old saying : ” a system is as effective as the weakest link , no matter how technologically advanced it is ! “

Bio-Farm Solutions has seen the need to expand their service by contracting Hannes du Plessis, an Irrigation Expert to :

  • Assist Producers with everyday challenges of moisture, nutrition and soil fertility management.
  • Water is indeed the vehicle for ensuring that food and microbial inoculants are evenly distributed throughout the crop.
  • Water, nutrition and soil fertility are the third largest contributors to have direct impact on production, costs and profitability!

Therefore we like to introduce to you the next training & maintenance program:

  • Training and practice on your own farm.
  • The repetition and follow-up of this training is critical and
  • Continuous audit of the irrigation system,
  • As well as the maintenance and adjustments thereof.

Together with the Owner, more effective and sustainable solutions are found, to free Management to focus on other issues and greater emphases are put on:

1. The Orchard Managers (so called: “Jockeys”):

  • The training and empowerment of the Jockeys by transferring knowledge,
  • The practical utilisation of knowledge, establish a feeling of purpose in their everyday activity and
  • The continuous mentor during the process to make sure they can function independently.
  • And finally to play a supporting role in the decision-making of effective irrigation.

2. Maximise the exploitation of the system by regularly meetings with Orchard Managers:

  • To identify problems in advance,
  • Do the maintenance if possible there and then,
  • Otherwise make suggestions to Management about possible solutions.

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